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Pedal For Scotland – How Was It?

bikeMyself (Neil) and Calum from Toolstop did the Pedal for Scotland last Sunday. As you can see in the picture we are very happy to have finished the bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh (55 miles).

So how was it? Well, we started at Glasgow Green and we would have loved to have had a Power Tool Battery Powered Bike but in the end we managed it without. There were a few killer hills on the way, the first of which was about 10 miles in just before the entrance to Drumpellier Country Park in Coatbridge. Fortunately the first stop was here so we had about 5 minutes timeout.

We left Drumpellier Park and continued eastwards on the longest leg of the journey to about the halfway point at a little village called Avonbridge (imagine naming a village after a hotel). We stopped here for some food and drink for about 25 minutes.

After Avonbridge came the second killer hill but then we flattened out until about Linlithgow. When we passed Linlithgow there was a long incline which never seemed to end but once we were through that we got ourselves to Kirkliston and had another 10 minute drink stop.

The last leg towards Leith in Edinburgh took us through Barnton which had another killer hill.

But, we reached Leith in 4 hours and 40 minutes, still in one piece and ready to spend the afternoon relaxing with a nice cold pint of Peroni.

Anyone else out there do the ride? Please leave your comments and experiences.


Pedal-Powered Hacksaw

Yesterday we blogged about a hybrid-bike powered by Dewalt power tool batteries. I titled the post “Power Tools Aren’t Just for Saw-Jockies – Hybrid Electic Bike”.

Well, today, we were delighted to read about a pedal-powered hacksaw, so it would seem that there are such things as saw-jockies, if you get my reference…

Anyway, there’s a great video you can watch;

The purpose of the pedal-powered hacksaw is noble; to help disabled people “make boring tasks good, honest fun”. Developed by Bernard Kiwia from Tanzania, the saw is part of a series of tools and devices constructed from old bike parts, all designed to help disabled people.

Read more about it at the AfriGadget website.
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