Power Tools Aren’t Just for Saw-Jockies – Hybrid Electic Bike

I’m always pleased to see the diverse ways that people use power tools and power tool accessories. This fantastic video blew us away in the Toolstop office this morning. It’s the ultimate hybrid electric bicycle using DeWalt NANO-Phosphate high-performance power tools batteries and is perfect for Toolstop’s Neil who’s doing a charity cycle ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh this weekend.

The bike was put together by Russ Finley and he said the following;

1. I chose a full-suspension mountain bike frame because the roads and even the bike trails here are so bad. I wanted to isolate the batteries, controller and my butt from the shocks. I also jump off curbs a lot.
2. I wired pairs of 36-volt Dewalt power tool batteries in series to get 72 volts and then wired each of these pairs in parallel. I can carry two, four, or six battery packs, depending on how long the trip will be.
3. I replaced my 36-volt, ten-amp controller with a 72-volt, 35-amp version. It also has immediate start, which means the controller does not wait until the wheel is rolling before it puts power to the motor. This lets me get through intersections faster and safer (although I have to be careful or my front wheel lifts off the ground).
4. I used a rear wheel motor because front wheels here tend to get bent by potholes and fixing one can be expensive if you have a motor mounted in it.

Read more about the bike here and here.

Thankfully Toolstop stock this versatile battery, click here.
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