Exclusive First Look – Bosch GSC 10,8 V-LI Professional Metal Shear

It’s always exciting on a Friday when a crate of brand new Bosch power tools arrives in the Toolstop office.

We couldn’t wait to put them through their paces and let you know what we think of them, so starting with the Bosch GSC 10,8 V-LI Professional Metal Shear, here are some photos, which will be followed by a video of the product in use (cutting a pretty serious piece of metal) once we’ve finished editing it.
Bosch GSC 10,8 V-LI Professional Metal Shear
Bosch GSC 10,8 V-LI Professional Metal Shear
Bosch GSC 10,8 V-LI Professional Metal Shear

We post exclusive photos of brand new power tools over on our Flickr page. And you can keep up to date with us on Twitter.
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What Tools Do You Always Carry?

We recently announced the launch of the Toolstop toolbag. This got us thinking in the Toolstop office about the absolutely essential tools to carry on in your toolbag at all times.

Here’s our list;

Obviously, if you’re a joiner, an electrician or a brickie, your list of tools will differ, so…

…now it’s your turn, what tools do you always carry?
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Pedal-Powered Hacksaw

Yesterday we blogged about a hybrid-bike powered by Dewalt power tool batteries. I titled the post “Power Tools Aren’t Just for Saw-Jockies – Hybrid Electic Bike”.

Well, today, we were delighted to read about a pedal-powered hacksaw, so it would seem that there are such things as saw-jockies, if you get my reference…

Anyway, there’s a great video you can watch;

The purpose of the pedal-powered hacksaw is noble; to help disabled people “make boring tasks good, honest fun”. Developed by Bernard Kiwia from Tanzania, the saw is part of a series of tools and devices constructed from old bike parts, all designed to help disabled people.

Read more about it at the AfriGadget website.
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Power Tools Aren’t Just for Saw-Jockies – Hybrid Electic Bike

I’m always pleased to see the diverse ways that people use power tools and power tool accessories. This fantastic video blew us away in the Toolstop office this morning. It’s the ultimate hybrid electric bicycle using DeWalt NANO-Phosphate high-performance power tools batteries and is perfect for Toolstop’s Neil who’s doing a charity cycle ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh this weekend.

The bike was put together by Russ Finley and he said the following;

1. I chose a full-suspension mountain bike frame because the roads and even the bike trails here are so bad. I wanted to isolate the batteries, controller and my butt from the shocks. I also jump off curbs a lot.
2. I wired pairs of 36-volt Dewalt power tool batteries in series to get 72 volts and then wired each of these pairs in parallel. I can carry two, four, or six battery packs, depending on how long the trip will be.
3. I replaced my 36-volt, ten-amp controller with a 72-volt, 35-amp version. It also has immediate start, which means the controller does not wait until the wheel is rolling before it puts power to the motor. This lets me get through intersections faster and safer (although I have to be careful or my front wheel lifts off the ground).
4. I used a rear wheel motor because front wheels here tend to get bent by potholes and fixing one can be expensive if you have a motor mounted in it.

Read more about the bike here and here.

Thankfully Toolstop stock this versatile battery, click here.
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Toolstop Toolbags Hit The Mark

Toolstop have recently launched their new heavy duty toolbags.Toolstop Toolbag

After surveying existing Toolstop customers who had purchased power tools it was clear that there was not a bag on the market which was robust, functional or good value for money.  Toolstop offer their customers unique power tool packages which means that the tools often outgrow the bags and cases supplied.  The users wanted to store all their tools and accessories in one place rather than in multiple cases and bags.

So, the people at Toolstop got their heads together and designed 3 bags which had all the best features of other bags on the market.  They came up with a multi pocket, heavy duty, robust, durable, functional and versatile set of toolbags.

The Extra Large Model is 30″ in length, the Large one is 26″ and the medium bag is 20″.  The Extra large bag has wheels and a telescopic pull handle because of the weight you will be pulling.  All bags have carry handles as well as detachable shoulder straps.  They all have a detachable mobile phone pouch which has a handy belt loop.  Each bag has a long side pocket which is ideal for holding a saw.  They all have straps on top of the bag which are perfect for holding longer items such as levels or saws.  The multiple interior and exterior pockets will hold everything from bitsets to tape measures.  There are specifically designed compartments inside the bag for holding batteries and battery chargers for cordless tools.  There is even a document pouch inside the bag which is capable of holding A4 size notepads.

All in all, these bags are just what the trade has been waiting for.

Click on the link if you want to see more details of the Toolbags.

See the video below for a more in depth look at the new Toolstop Toolbags.

Toolstop “Extra Discount Deals” Has Landed

Issue 1 of the Toolstop Extra Discount Deals Catalogue has been landing on doorsteps and falling through letterboxes over the last few days.

The catalogue is designed to offer further savings on already best price products.

With around 120 products with savings of between £5 for a toolbag up to £100 for an access tower there are great bargains to be had.

Go to the Toolstop homepage to sign up for the next catalogue.

Here are a few examples of deals online right now.

Dewalt DW625EK Variable Speed Plunge Router – enter voucher code 1020 at the checkout for a £20 discount.

Bosch DLE40 Laser Rangefinder – enter voucher code 1010 at checkout for £10 discount

Draper 10 Piece Set Of Fully Insulated Pliers And Screwdrivers – Enter code 1010 at checkout for £10 discount

Toolstop Extra Discount Deals

Toolstop Extra Discount Deals

Issue 2 will be available in November

See the press release here

The Gadget Show Does Power Tools

I’ve dug out a couple of old scenes from Channel 5’s “The Gadget Show”.

The first one shows a mixture of DIY and Industrial tools such as:

  • Black & Decker BDL500M laser level with built in tape measure – a handy wee DIY tool at a very affordable price
  • Dewalt D25840K 7kg SDS-max demolition hammer which has some serious breaking power
  • Bosch IXO, a tiny electric screwdriver which fits in any pocket

The second one has 5 DIY power tools such as:

The Power8 Workshop is one of the best selling DIY tools in the Toolstop range. It is a great gift because there are so many different tasks it can perform. It is a multipurpose addition to your set.

What tools would you recommend as being an all-rounder?

The Funny Side of Power Tools

Let’s have a laugh!

Send us your funny power tool experiences and stories as well as your videos and pictures.

Here are a few to get you in the mood

Using a Power Drill

Faulty Nailgun

Powerful leaf blower

Handyman jokes, cartoons and stories

Comment on or visit our twiitter or just come to our power tools website

29 Billion Power Tools!!

Not 99 Red Balloons, but 29 billion power tools! – what are we talking about? – this is the predicted annual demand in dollars for power tools by the year 2013. That means every single person in the world spend over $4 per year on power tools. Awsome!

Toolstop has seen steady growth from our customer base over the last 2 years and is interested by this figure.

We are also very concerned about what happens to the power tools you are replacing. Do they go in the bin and end up in landfill? Are they being disposed of properly?

With the environment in mind we will take your old power tools from you and we will dispose of them properly.

Let us know of any strange or inventive uses for your old power tools…

Bosch Solar Powered Tools?

Bosch have continued with their recent acquisition program by launching a Voluntary Public Takeover Offer to the shareholders of Aleo Solar Aktiengesellschaft

Aleo Solar are one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe.

So, are Bosch looking at inventing solar power drills, saws and screwdrivers?

Toolstop has seen a big improvement in the innovation from Bosch over the last couple of years which has helped catapult them to gain ground on the main competition and hold a 22% share of the European power tools market.

It can’t be long before sunlight is driving your drill, can it – what do you think?