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Toolstop To Visit Makita Power Tools

Hi, Neil here.

Just getting all my stuff ready for my trip to Milton Keynes tomorrow with Mark.

We’ll be visiting Ray Wilby, Makita training Manager for a couple of days to shoot as many videos as we can.  We’ve given Ray a list of about 50 assorted tools and over the coming weeks we’ll be editing them and uploading them to the Mr Toolstop Youtube site.  We’ll also be embedding them in the content of our product pages on the Toolstop Power Tools Website.

We’re great believers in showing off power tools in their full glory.  We can write a novel and take pictures from as many angles as you like but you just cannot do most power tools justice in words and images.  The feedback we’ve received so far is that our videos are allowing prospective power tool users to make an informed decision on a purchase.

So, the toothbrush is packed, the video camera is packed, the hard work is about to begin.

We’ll report back at the end of the week about the tools you’re likely to be seeing on film over the coming weeks.

Trying out the DeWalt DC011 AC/DC Radio Charger

Neil’s already blogged about the lack of music in the Toolstop offices and how he unpacked the DeWalt DC011 AC/DC Radio Charger.

Well, we also shot a video highlight some of the feature of this piece of jobsite kit.

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What’s the Best Worksite Radio?

Last week, with Big John on holiday, there was a distinct lack of music around the Toolstop office. So, Neil went into the warehouse and grabbed the Dewalt DC011 Worksite Radio to find out how good quality the music was.

The radio is actually quite a heavy duty beast. The speakers are huge and it gives off a great sound from the FM channels. You can also connect a CD player and the sound from this was even more impressive. The CD player can even be stored in the detachable weather proof holder attached to the radio.

Anyway, it got us thinking about the multitude of worksite radios on the market and which one was the best. It really depends on what you’re looking for, some will work from power tool batteries, some will even charge the batteries. Some are more robust and weather proof than others. Some have CD players built in.

So, we want to hear your views. Whats the best radio and why? Here are a few options:

Bosch Radio
Makita Radio
Dewalt Radio
Hitachi Radio
Milwaukee Radio
Ryobi Radio

Add your comments below…..

First Look @ the DeWalt DW030P Laser Measurer

Full details of the product can be found here on the Toolstop website.

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Look what happens when…

…you pour water over a Draper Expert Water Resistant Storage Case. (Oh, and we drop it, too.)

This is a really robust accessory which we feel will be essential for anyone who regularly carries electronic kit such as laptops, GPS units, etc with them but has to work outside face with the elements.

Here’s a question for you, though; how would you have tested this case?

Pedal For Scotland – How Was It?

bikeMyself (Neil) and Calum from Toolstop did the Pedal for Scotland last Sunday. As you can see in the picture we are very happy to have finished the bike ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh (55 miles).

So how was it? Well, we started at Glasgow Green and we would have loved to have had a Power Tool Battery Powered Bike but in the end we managed it without. There were a few killer hills on the way, the first of which was about 10 miles in just before the entrance to Drumpellier Country Park in Coatbridge. Fortunately the first stop was here so we had about 5 minutes timeout.

We left Drumpellier Park and continued eastwards on the longest leg of the journey to about the halfway point at a little village called Avonbridge (imagine naming a village after a hotel). We stopped here for some food and drink for about 25 minutes.

After Avonbridge came the second killer hill but then we flattened out until about Linlithgow. When we passed Linlithgow there was a long incline which never seemed to end but once we were through that we got ourselves to Kirkliston and had another 10 minute drink stop.

The last leg towards Leith in Edinburgh took us through Barnton which had another killer hill.

But, we reached Leith in 4 hours and 40 minutes, still in one piece and ready to spend the afternoon relaxing with a nice cold pint of Peroni.

Anyone else out there do the ride? Please leave your comments and experiences.

First Look Photos – Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drill

As it was another fantastic day weather-wise at the Toolstop office we were delighted to shoot a First Look video of the new Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drill.

It’s a great looking piece of kit and it made short work drilling into our block of concrete.

We particularly liked the innovative auxiliary handle. This is a handle that actually locks in every 30 degrees and simply won’t move no matter how much muscle you’re putting into the drilling.

Bosch state that it drills up to 33% faster than the competitors when drilling into concrete. We certainly found it drilled like a dream into our block of concrete.

We sell the drill with charger, depth stop, carry case, auxiliary handle and auto lock keyless chuck.

Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drive
Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drive

Our YouTube video will be online soon, but in the meantime you can have a look at our photos of the Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drill over on our Flickr Power Tool Geekery page*.

*you’re more than welcome to upload your own power tool snaps.

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First Look – Bosch GDS 14.4V-Li Professional Impact Wrench

Another brand new Bosch power tool landed – with a satisfying thunk – on my desk today, the Bosch GDS 14.4V-Li Professional Impact Wrench. As the weather was lovely we went straight outside to have a play around with it.

Fantastic machine, here’s the video we shot;

We also took some photos, more of which you can find on our Power Tool Geekery page (please join the group and upload your own power tool photos).
Bosch GDS 14.4V Li Professional Impact Wrench

First Look Video – Bosch GSC 10.8V Li Professional Metal Shear

As promised, here is our first look at the Bosch GSC 10.8V Li Professional Metal Shear.

We’ve also got exclusive photos over on our Flickr Power Tools Geekery group.